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If you find this colorful but invasive planthopper on your property, Superior Pest Elimination can help. Our seasonal spotted lanternfly treatment service will work to protect your trees, shrubs, and other ornamentals throughout the summer.

PestGuard Seasonal

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This program includes 1 initial seasonal interior treatment and 6 seasonal exterior treatments from April - September. This service plan provides an initial service, inspection and treatments for the control of the following pests and it is understood that all other pests are not covered under this agreement: Mosquitoes, Spotted Lanternflies, Fleas, Clover Mites, Bees, Flies, and Ants. The pricing is $96 a month, or $48 a month when added onto your current monthly PestGuard program.

Starting at $96/month!

Effective Spotted Lanternfly Treatments to Protect Your Plants

Have you noticed vegetation around your home wilting, curling, covered in sap, or dying back quicker than usual? If so, you may have a spotted lanternfly infestation. There is only so much you can do to kill them yourself by squishing live insects and squashing any egg masses you find. At Superior Pest Elimination, we have developed a treatment plan for your property to get rid of spotted lanternflies and protect your foliage all summer long. It’s a summer treatment package you can bundle with existing plans, such as our effective mosquito and tick control, our Pest Guard program, or any other packages we offer.

When you partner with us for spotted lanternfly control, you can expect:

  • A detailed inspection of your property conducted by technicians that specialize in spotted lanternfly detection.
  • A customized treatment plan, that includes trapping, designed for your unique situation.
  • Weekly removal and replacement of strategically placed sticky traps.
  • Monthly spray treatments with contact insecticides for all shrubbery, trees, grass, and other areas that make up your property.
  • Protection for the entire growing season.

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Why Is the Spotted Lanternfly Considered a Pest?

These insects were accidentally imported from East Asia, so they have very few predators to keep them in check in our area. Since their preferred food source from their native country, the tree of heaven, isn’t readily available here, these destructive pests have adapted to feed on the sap of as many as 70 different plant species and they especially love fruit trees. As both adult and nymph lanternflies feed, they secrete a sugary substance called honeydew that promotes mold growth and attracts ants, wasps, and other insects, which then cause further damage to the already taxed plants.

How to Identify Spotted Lanternflies

Actually, closer in relation to cicadas than the flies they are named after or the moths they resemble, spotted lanternflies are planthoppers. This means they are able to move from plant to plant without really flying, they usually walk or jump. Spotted lanternflies have primarily expanded the area they can be found in by hitching a ride with people who unknowingly move objects, such as firewood, building materials, patio furniture, bikes, and more, containing egg masses.

Spotted lanternflies can be easily identified in each of their 3 different life stages:

  • Egg masses look like old chewing gum that has a gray, waxy, putty-like coating and appear as brownish seed-like deposits when hatching is complete.
  • The nymphs are ¼” to ½” long and wingless, beetle-like creatures that first appear black with white spots, but develop red patches as they get older.
  • Adults are about 1” long and have pinkish-tan wings with black spots when they are folded. Once wings are opened, they reveal a yellow and black abdomen and black-spotted bright red hind wings that transition to black and white bands at the ends.

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With over 20+ years of protecting our neighbors in New York and New Jersey, Superior Pest Elimination is a locally-owned, family-operated pest control company that strives to provide reliable services with clear and concise communication. We are facing the same issues with the spotted lanternfly and treat our customers as we would our own family.

Our spotted lanternfly treatment plan is available wherever we offer services in New York and New Jersey, including:

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