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Get Same-Day Bed Bug Inspections In New York and New Jersey

sleeping soundly without bed bugs

New York and New Jersey both have notorious bed bug problems. These pests hitch a ride on your clothing, furniture, backpack, luggage, and any other items you bring into your home. Once inside, these insects reproduce and spread rapidly. This makes them overwhelming and impossible to treat on your own. Our bed bug treatment gives you proven relief by eliminating them from every corner of your home.

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Bed bugs are one of the most stubborn pests you’ll come across. They can go up to one year without eating, lay multiple eggs per day, and hide almost anywhere. Despite their name, bed bugs are often found in other places than just your mattress, including in carpets, curtains, sofas, and even behind-hanging paintings and electrical outlets. With our professional bed bug treatment, we guarantee you’ll get the relief you deserve.

When you partner with Superior Pest Elimination for bed bug treatment, we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home, searching each room for evidence of bed bug activity.
  • Steam-affected areas, using extreme temperatures to eliminate them almost instantly upon contact.
  • Carefully apply a spray treatment to target any remaining bugs, giving you a double-layer of protection.
  • Give you our 60-day warranty, which includes re-treatment if they continue to persist.

K-9 Bed Bug Inspection 

Superior Pest Elimination stands out as a leading pest control company that utilizes highly trained K9s for conducting efficient and accurate bed bug inspections for commercial properties. Our K9 units use specially trained dogs and handlers to detect the presence of bed bugs with remarkable precision. By leveraging the dogs' keen sense of smell, our team ensures thorough inspections and enables prompt and targeted treatment, making us a reliable choice for effective bed bug elimination.

How to Tell If You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Just because you don’t see these sneaky pests doesn’t mean they aren’t there, especially because they’re most active at night while you’re sleeping. This makes it tricky to determine if you have an infestation if you’re only looking for the insects themselves. Other indicators of an infestation include:

  • Itchy bites: These bugs feed at night while you’re asleep. Their bites leave behind flat, red welts on exposed skin, most commonly on your arms and legs.
  • Small stains: As they move through your bedding, blood and excrement can be left behind, which causes small stains.
  • Discarded egg shells: Bed bugs hatch from eggs and leave behind their shells, which are small and white.
  • A musty or sweet smell: Large bed bug infestations cause a strong odor that has no obvious source and is either musty or sweet-smelling.

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Bed Bug Removal Treatments in NY & NJ

Learning you have bed bugs is stressful enough, eliminating them doesn’t have to be. Our hassle-free bed bug treatment will have you sleeping soundly in no time, without worrying what’s lurking in your bedroom. We offer our services throughout New York and New Jersey, including:

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