Tick FAQ's

Ticks are most commonly found in high grass or thick bushy areas. The best way to prevent tick infestations is to monitor your backyard closely throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. Before returning inside from your backyard, check yourself, kids, and pets over for ticks. Areas to check specifically include the armpit and groin areas. Always check your body over while showering. It is also encouraged to wash your clothes and dry them for at least 20 minutes with heat. 

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5 Spring Pest Control Tips


Openings in your home can make the perfect entrance for those unwanted pests. An easy way to keep pests out is by inspecting your home for these potential entrance points.  Use weatherproof caulk to seal any cracks, holes, and gaps around your property, and do not keep windows and doors open for long periods of time. It is also important to pay close attention to areas where utilities enter, such as plumbing and electrical pipes; these may have openings in them that will allow pests to enter through. 

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