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Superior Pest Solutions, our IPM service, was Green Shield Certified in 2007 for achieving excellence in Green Pest Management techniques, and was one of the first services in the country to earn this prestigious certification. Superior proudly services over 200 schools in Manhattan, and is a vendor of choice for the New York Department of Education. In addition we currently service LaGuardia Airport in Queens, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center and Hospital and currently under contract with New York State Department of Environmental Protection servicing the entire 5 boroughs, Building Management and Cushman & Wakefield just to name a few.

Superior maintains its Master Applicators License with ongoing training through NYS Certified Continuing Education Credits as per the state of New York. All Pesticide application is done in strict accordance to label law.

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Advanced Integrated Pest Management Superior Pest Elimination employs an Advanced Integrated Pest Management approach to Structural Pest Control. Strategic placement of insect monitors and multiple catch rodent traps combine to detect pest activity early and structural and sanitation adjustments eliminate any opportunity for breeding.

This environmentally sensitive technique uses an absolute minimum amount of chemicals and is far more effective than indiscriminate broadcast spraying of toxic Pesticides. Source intensive treatments using baits, dusts in sealed wall voids, and Insect growth regulators, strategically pinpoint and treat where breeding is taking place.

Careful execution of rodent control traps allow for early detection and treatment for any developing Rat and Mouse infestations. Communications through our Pest Pac Online Portal allows for rodent sighting to be reported quickly and environmental adjustments made to maintain control.

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Superior uses the most cutting edge tools in the industry. All our accounts are set up through an online service portal called Pest Pac. Technicians have digital scanners that read bar codes we apply to service locations and results of service are reported online. Upon initiation of service during the first month we will identify and bar code service areas in your facility which will be scanned by our tech with each service.

This allows our clients to access their service data in less time than it would take to call our office and speak with a customer service rep. It requires an internet connection and a user name and password which will also be initiated in the first month. Service tickets, Complaint Logs, Track Pest Trends, Yearly Pesticide Reports and Bill paying can all be done through this time saving portal.

Multiple passwords for Managers, Supervisors, and anyone else designated by you can access this information jointly to enhance communication between all parties for a less stressful approach to communication.

Documentation is also centralized and easy to access. No lost Log books or service tickets. Safety Data Sheets, Online plot plans, Yearly Pesticide reports and all billing documentation is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Greater accountability insures the best possible service hence providing you with best value for your money.


Superior Pest Elimination - has a history dating back to 2004. The company had originally started out as Superior Exterminators and was later changed to Superior Pest Elimination. The change was brought about to reflect the total dynamics of the evolving pest industry. We are a total pest elimination company specializing in eradication and removal of all types of animals, rodents and pest issues.
Our corporate office is located in Staten Island. We can easily dispatch a technician to any of the five boroughs and New Jersey to respond to a service request. At Superior our personnel are intensively trained and thoroughly tested. They've been educated, evaluated and proven competent. Our technicians are continually being educated to expand their knowledge of the industry. Advanced training programs, classroom instruction and seminars keep them paramount in the business.
Effective pest control requires knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Entomology and Environmental Science. Our staff includes industry experts who stay on top of the latest developments and methodologies in all these fields. Superior Pest Elimination employs over a dozen full and part time employees including office staff, technicians and quality control foremen. Our employees reside throughout the five boroughs enabling Superior to adequately service the local area promptly.

Business In General - At Superior Pest Elimination we know that every facility is different regarding its layout and how it operates. Superior Pest Elimination develops a special program of material and methodology to effectively approach your pest problem. Superior's certified technicians have a thorough understanding of structural entry points and are trained to assess the risk factors for pest infestation within your facility. Our quality service features a treatment program that targets both the inside and outside of your dwelling. This enables us to provide you with optimum protection.


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    After a careful inspection of your facility we will focus on controlling any insect or rodent infestation that is currently active. This source intensive treatment will restore the facility to a satisfactory level or we will continue to treat it until you are satisfied, Guaranteed!

    We will set up insect monitors, multiple catch rodent traps and bait stations to establish basic I.P.M. fundamentals. Light exclusion such as pipe chases and door jams and other small holes will be sealed by our technician. Any other environmental alterations will be communicated to you and followed up by a Superior Technician. We will also identify and apply bar code labels to service areas that will be visible online through Our Online Portal.


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    Regular monthly service provides for regular Inspections, treatment and documentation of all environmental conditions and treatments performed. After Complaints are addressed then routine proactive inspections of monitors and rodent traps are performed. All materials are updated and refreshed with the date and any adjustments are made depending on conditions.

    Sanitation and structural recommendations will be communicated to the Service contact upon completion of service. Within 4-8 hours the info is uploaded to our Online Portal for your review.



You can find us on 87 Ellis Street in Staten Island, NY 10314.


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Our Commercial Guarantee, the first month knockdown and set-up service is designed to eliminate and control any of said pests infestation to a manageable level or we will continue treating until the customer is satisfied with the results of the work.

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