"See Something? Say Something!" 

Termites can cost thousands of dollars in damages to your home. If you are not sure if you have termites, Schedule A Free Inspection by our trained technicians. We can help identify where the termites are located in your home. 

We will work with you to ensure we provide you with the best treatment for termites. 

What To Know About Termites

Termites range from 1/4 to 1/2 inches in length. Additionally, the king and queen can become much larger, almost an inch or more. Termites are considered the "silent destroyer" because they can be in your home destroying it without you even knowing.    

How do I keep Termites out of my home? It is important to identify where they are located first. Termites usually like to live in wooden areas, or places that they can damage easily. Look for open cracks in wooden areas, or any frass (termite dropping). Then, give us a call to discuss. 

If Termites are in my home, how do I get them out? Termites are difficult to remove since they are small and like to hide. For that reason, give us a call so we can help you located them. We will handle the rest so you can live on termite free!

Danger Level: High / Capture Level: High

Think you have termites?