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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

What To Do When The Cold Brings The Critters Indoors

Winter means you and your family will be spending more time indoors. However, humans aren’t the only ones looking to escape the cold! When temperatures plummet, rats and mice seek food, warmth and nesting materials in and around the perimeter of your home. Rodents are crafty, finding creative ways to enter your home. Exposed entry points in the foundation, roof, garage, plumbing and electrical conduits and sewers are just some of the several ways rodents can maneuver their way in.

Here are the most common places to check:

Top 3 Hiding Spots

The Attic

With the least amount of foot traffic and large amounts insulation, the attic provides perfect nesting grounds for rats, mice, and other rodents. Because the rodents can go months without being seen, they can cause numerous problems simply because they multiply quickly. It is highly likely that if the invasion starts in the attic they will then work their way through the rest of your home, if the proper exclusion work is not put into place. Rats and other Rodents can be dangerous and its not suggested to try to remove them on your own. Have a Pest Professional examine your attic for possible entry points and rodent-proof your space, to prevent an invasion.


Many homeowners will find this to be the most common place to find rodents since basements are known to be the wettest point in most homes. With many hiding spots and exposed electrical work and plumbing, it is important to keep this area rodent free for the sake of expensive repairs. Just like the attic, it is best to seek professional help in assessing any damage to pipes, ducts or foundation!


Though this is the most vulnerable, “plain sight” spot they can hide, winter months bring a shortage of food supply and your pantry looks appetizing. Out of reach cabinet space or corners of a pantry can sometimes be overlooked. Some telltale signs of a rat, mouse, or other rodent invasion are:

i) Mouse Droppings

ii) Holes in Food Boxes or Bags

If there is any kind of electrical or plumbing work that runs through your cabinets this provides easy access for mice to burrow inside your walls. At the first sign of infestation, contact a professional. If inside your walls, don’t panic, and experienced exterminator can locate nests, safely remove the problem, and put in measures to keep your home safe.

Keep your home pest free for the holidays: Our Pest Guard Plus Program allows you to have peace of mind all year round.

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