After a careful inspection of your facility we will focus on controlling any insect or rodent infestation that is currently active. This source intensive treatment will restore the facility to a satisfactory level or we will continue to treat it until you are satisfied, Guaranteed!

We will set up insect monitors, multiple catch rodent traps and bait stations to establish basic I.P.M. fundamentals. Light exclusion such as pipe chases and door jams and other small holes will be sealed by our technician. Any other environmental alterations will be communicated to you and followed up by a Superior Technician. We will also identify and apply bar code labels to service areas that will be visible online through Our Online Portal. 

Regular Monthly Service

Regular monthly service provides for regular inspections, treatment and documentation of all environmental conditions and treatments performed. After Complaints are addressed then routine proactive inspections of monitors and rodent traps are performed. All materials are updated and refreshed with the date and any adjustments are made depending on conditions.

Sanitation and structural recommendations will be communicated to the Service contact upon completion of service. Within 4-8 hours the info is uploaded to our Online Portal for your review.