Bed Bugs

"See Something? Say Something!" 

Bed Bugs can literally be your worse nightmare. If not treated immediately, then you will be infested with bed bugs. On average, it takes Bed Bugs around 6 to 10 days to hatch. Once out, they immediately locate targets for blood.  

If you suspect any blood stains on your bed sheets or mattress, then you should give us a call immediately!

What to know about bed bugs

Bed Bugs live, well you guessed it, in your bed! Bed Bugs have unfortunately become more and more common throughout New York. It's quite easy to pick up a Bed Bug when traveling. Once inside your home, they will quickly find a host to feed on and will begin to reproduce quickly. 

At Superior Pest Elimination, we provide Bed Bug inspections and exterminations. Our expert service technicians are skilled and experienced to assist you with any and all bed bug problems you are experiencing. If you start itching in bed or notice blood spots on your skin in the morning, then give us a call.  

What should I do if a Bed Bug bites me? Wash the wound with lots of soap and water. A typical Bed Bug bite will last for about two weeks. 

How do I keep Bed Bugs out of my home? Whenever you travel make sure you immediately wash your clothes upon return. Do not restore them in your closet even if you washed them before packing them, rewash them!  Make sure you inspect and change your bed sheets bi-weekly to say the least. Protect your mattress by adding a protected layer sheet. 

If Bed Bugs are in my home, how do I get them out? There are two things that need to be done. The first thing you can do by yourself. Start by identifying where the Bed Bugs are coming from, when they started coming, and who brought them. Then start cleaning, wash your clothes, bed sheets, and rugs. The next thing that needs to be done is to call us. Thats when our team will ensure you will no longer have itchy nights. 

Danger Level: High / Capture Level: High

Think you have Bed Bugs?